How to send the best nude selfie

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July 15, 2017

Sexting is the 21st century’s form of flirting. From a simple sexy text or email message, steamy chat exchanges or an erotic photo, sexting is now a norm widely accepted by both sexes of any age group. Nowadays, sexting became more enticing through taking and sharing nude selfies.

Men and women approach nude selfies differently: men tend to be straight-forward and clear on their end game – therefore, “the dick pic.”

For women though there are 2 emerging styles on this. First, “take a photo of my junk pic” for the bold woman who isn’t afraid to share her vagina to the world. Some women condone this as it screams pornography. Secondly, “Be gentle, I’m a lady” are for women that although engages in sexual activities but are still big on romance and seduction.

The 1st kind is pretty direct so not much can be said about that but for the 2nd kind here’s a list of things to watch out for when taking a nude selfie.

Keep it discreet. Everyone loves a mystery. So rather than going full frontal, for the woman who’s still a little shy with sexting a nude selfie, an alluring photo of certain body parts can go a long way.

Highlight your best assets. If you have voluminous lips, put on a blood red lipstick and send him a pic of your pout. If you have a pair of great boobs, why not send a photo of your bust peeking out of a lacy bra or send a suggestive photo of you wearing a wet shirt with hardened nipples. Think Victoria Secret and Sports Illustrated.

For those in relationships, do it spontaneously and in succession. Why not send him a piece by piece photo series for a day, on a work day. Or a week-long series where photos sent get racier by the day. Distract him, make him squirm with eagerness to get home.

Practice, practice, practice Coming up with the best nude selfie, like anything else in life takes practice. Angles, filters, and your girlfriends play a role here.

Find your angles. Let’s face it, everyone at some point did just that when posting regular selfies. Practicing in front of the mirror has been acceptable to ensure the best possible selfie. The use of tripods or monopods has also helped in highlighting angles. The same rules apply to nude selfies. Practice and tools will help give you the confidence to send one.

If still unsure, send your photo to trusted friends for an appraisal. A sincere second opinion and support of friends gives the much needed bravado in sending one.

Set the mood and make it sexy. In any romantic tryst, the mood plays a huge part. Creating the right atmosphere plays right into the art of seduction.

Think sexy and then wear that. Wear what makes you feel attractive so that’s the message your recipient will be getting. For those in relationships, wear what your partner thinks is sexy. If he likes role-play, why not send him a photo of you in a sexy teacher outfit.

Lighting. Set the mood by creating the best photo atmosphere. Too bright is harsh and too dark is, well, dark. Perhaps turning on a night light

Location, location. We don’t necessarily associate the word sexy with toilet. But if a bathroom nude selfie needs to be taken, do it in the shower or in the tub. If you also need to show your bedroom, rumple your bedspread in a sexy way. But most important of all, tidy that shit out.

No to cloud. Most mobile phones have free cloud-storage given that has an auto-update feature that users may have unknowingly activated. There are third-party apps that also are used to snapping photos and leaves them in their servers. Before sending a nude selfie, make sure to stop your phones from backing up to cloud so that when its deleted, it is deleted. IOS and Android has pretty straightforward steps to follow in their Settings page but users might need to spend more time to check and review third-party apps individual settings.

Only if it’s OK to you. Don’t be pressured to do one. Make sure, you’re sending only if you think it is morally OK for you and you’re comfortable to do it. Better yet, make sure that this person is someone that you can trust. It is also an idea to crop out your face so that if ever your photo comes out it wouldn’t be automatically identified.

After carefully crafting the perfect nude selfie, there’s a number of sites that you can use to share it. Snapchat and Wickr are two of the most popular because of their self-destruct feature. Sent photos will be automatically destroyed after the identified destruction time. For Snapchat viewing can be limited from 1 – 10 seconds of opening the message while for Wickr, offers more destruction time selections. Theres also Milf Swiper which is popular as you can talk with any hot milf around the world and not share any phone numbers. If you’re comfortable in receiving milf nudes then check out Milf Swiper right away! It’s a good read with lots of useful information.

Ultimately, sexting is an empowering exercise. Sending out nude selfies are one of the bolder expressions of sexuality propagated by today’s instant communication activities. Care and caution still needs to be taken when sharing intimate details to the world wide web. Accountability and responsibility still lies on the person or persons involved in it.

Best softwares to calculate data

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July 15, 2017

There are numerous data analysis software out there but not all are equal when it comes to analytical capacity, calculating statistical algorithms and visuals. We are talking about software capable of crunching numbers of tremendous numerical values, make extensive analysis, and to translate such complex computations into visual representations like graphs, charts, data models, and so on. Everything are done almost instantaneously and in real time which can really save you the trouble. Such software are utilized by big corporate businesses, top financial institutions, research and development facilities, and various industries that require input and the evaluation of data. Here are the following list of top data analysis software.

Sisense is a top business intelligence (BI) software solution that uses a single-stack architecture which eliminates the need to use different tools and the required specialists to operate them. Sisense is all you will ever need to prepare, analyze and visualize any complex data. It has a proprietary In-Chip Engine technology allowing you to carry out any specific query and to immediately receive an answer without requiring any advance data preparation. The drag and drop environment of Sisense lets you produce and compile complex data models from varying sources. Sisense works with an interactive web dashboard with stunning visualization. The beautiful and professional looking visuals makes everything more immersive and productive.

QlikSense is another top business intelligence software solution similar to Sisense. It is a self-service business analytics and insight discovery data tool that is also easy to use. It comes in three editions — the free QlikSense desktop for personal computer use, QlikSense Enterprise for business companies, and QlikSense Cloud for a more secure cloud-based interaction. Like Sisense, QlikSense is also a very intuitive platform. It adapts to any set parameters, makes use of natural search to quicken discovery, implement easy drag and drop visual creation, and uses a centralized management hub. It is also able to unify data sources for discovery of hard to find insights and presents you with concise data storytelling. QlikSense is an open API that provides access to developers to make it better. It is beautiful, interactive, responsive, smart, fast, scalable and secure.

Mozenda is a commercial web scraping software for automatically retrieving a particular text, file, PDF content and images from any website. It efficiently simplifies your data collection process by letting you extract any necessary data from a webpage into a well-organized format. You can also set and arrange the data files for publication by directly exporting the files. Mozenda also comes with an API that can pull out any data that you need. With this software, you can either deliver your web data collection to your database or make use of other business intelligence tools for a quick report and visualization. Web scraping for data is now easier, faster and accurate with Mozenda.

SPSS or Statistical Package for the Social Science is a software package by IBM that have different functions like discovery and pattern prediction, statistical analysis and cloud-based predictive analytics. SPSS actually has a line-up of products namely SPSS Modeler which has predictive analytics to reveal data patterns, SPSS Statistics for statistical analytics and capabilities, and SPSS Modeler Gold on Cloud which is a cloud-based intelligent predictive analytics platform. SPSS gives you the option to choose which among the software is right for you. Regardless of your choice, the IBM SPSS can assist you with data insights crucial to making effective business strategies.

Cyfe is an all in one online business dashboard app that can follow and check all your business metrics from a single place. This freemium application platform can monitor multiple departments, projects and numerous websites using dashboards. Cyfe can get data using its own widgets and use custom widgets or push API to safely display data from a database. It can share dashboards with anyone, has archived historical data, comes with a nifty TV mode for big screen, uses data export function and is customizable enough to compliment your style and preferences. Cyfe may look simple at first glance but is in fact a powerful all in one application. Many dating apps such as Nude Teens has made high success with the use of this. With what it can do It will surely help you make better business decisions and is time efficient when tracking your data.

Any of these five data analysis software is more than capable for calculating immense data. They can process data and provide critical analysis. It is recommended that you should check each software, learn more about them and decide which one will work best for you. Don’t worry, for they are the best software to calculate data without problem.

The latest rolling computer with AI

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April 5, 2017

Now a day the technology is too fast. The latest technology in the computer field is E-Ball technology. The computer is nothing but an Electronic machine which is useful in our day-to-day life. That can perform all the complicated calculation like square root of something, applying formula’s, even though it will helps to build a house, factories which are useful also in other engineering field like Civil and mechanical. Adult chat dating sites are starting to use this technology to get you perfect matches with new partners. It will be useful in CAD in mechanical field which is useful for designing cars, trucks and electric trains, airplanes and other vehicles.

E-ball computer:

E-Ball is nothing but a small sphere shaped computer which was introduced by the scientist Apostal Tonashki. He has an idea to create a small size computer among the laptop, desktops and it was the main long term goal for him. Achieving his goal he tries again and again and after meeting the lots of failures he achieved his goal. Finally he designed an E-Ball computer which looks like a ball hence it is called as “BALL”. It works by the electronically so it is call as Electronic Ball alias as “E-BALL”.


It has similar features to a normal computer like Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor or Display, Projector. But the main different between the normal computer and the E-Ball computer components are present physically in normal computers. In E-Ball computer these components like Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor are present only at “Virtually”. Virtual means the object viewed as imaginary. This main different is the advantage of the E-Ball computer because there is no need to carry anything to where they want to go. It reduces the bourdon of people to carrying those things.

Technology used in e-ball:

The technology used in E-Ball is “Sensing” and “AI”. The reason for Sensing is used in E-BALL: The components of the E-Ball are only present at virtually so they are don’t know, how to give input to the system. There is no way to connect external devices to connect to it. For overcome this situation they uses a “SENSOR” which was used for get the input from the user and after getting that input the system process and produce output through the monitor. The purpose of sensor is used to sense the any action that is given to the system by the user. Virtually appearing devices only understand the sensing action otherwise they doesn’t understand any action and doesn’t produce any reaction.

AI is nothing but a technology which was used in the E-Ball technology. AI stands for artificial intelligence that means give an “Artificial Knowledge” to the system. Generally the Artificial Knowledge is used in “ROBOTICS” domain, without the artificial knowledge the robots are like a normal computer which is looks like a robots. Based on the artificial knowledge the E-BALL works perfectly.

Working of e-ball:

The E-Ball has a two stands to place the E-Ball on the surface and it also have a two buttons to open the E-Ball. If they want to open an E-Ball press the two buttons and holding on it then slide that into the each sides of the E-Ball. This is the procedure to open E-Ball and this opening method is very interesting, because the normal computers are open as a procedures like ON the button, ON the CPU this is a normal procedure. But the opening of the E-Ball is totally different due to this they remember one quotes like first impression is the best impression that will be suited for the E-Ball because of opening will impress the user. After opening of the E-BALL it display a Virtual keyboard, mouse, display which is nothing but wall if the wall is not exist in that place they use “paper” as a display or screen. The virtual display can be done by using the laser rays which will be useful to display the output. Then the user can work as like how they are work in normal computers that all actions are performed in the E-Ball computer.


The E-Ball has a high features like it has 2GB RAM, DUAL CORE PROCESSOR, 350-500GB HARD DISK, Graphics card, sound card, Modem they are similar to a normal computers. The memory size of the E-Ball is high so they are stored enormous data in that computer. So there is no need for external devices. It provides high security than other computer because it looks like a ball, once they close the computer no one can identify it is a whole computer which was hidden in the ball. The unknown person can’t open their personal informations which are stored in the E-Ball which shows the technology is developed highly. The E-Ball is the one of the technology to shows the worlds growth and the creativity of the scientist because no can imagine to create a computer look like a BALL. That is the creativity hiding back of the e-ball technology creativity has no end and no limit.

Do people have success with online dating?

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March 5, 2017

Online dating is when two people get to talk to each other for the first time through online applications, social media, or online dating sites. It is the search for a potential life partner or a temporary sexual partner via the internet. They get to meet and greet in that online program being used and continue the process of getting to know each other without personally meeting the person first unless comfortable to do so immediately but for most cases, they wait a while and find out more about each other before doing so. Today, online dating is very much more acceptable than it was a decade ago. With the help of our quick and ever changing technology, people have found a more convenient way of meeting new people.

The success of online dating is very much the same as traditional dating. It all boils down to how you communicate and how you connect with another person. An instance of two people interacting with one another and feel the connection instantly or through time, can happen via online dating or via traditional dating. Both types of dating have the similar process and similar results. If there is success with traditional dating, we cannot reject the fact that there is success in online dating too.

Success of online dating could depend on your purpose and goal. Some are seeking for a long-term relationship while others long for temporary pleasure. Temporary partners or sexual partners are easier to find in online dating and many are satisfied given the situation that it is very low profile and many members of online dating sites join only for sexual relationships and nothing more, no strings attached. The success for these purposes is higher than the serious kind of relationship. It is more difficult to catch someone who is looking for a serious relationship in online dating programs. Although, there is still success for them even if it is a struggle.

The greatest disadvantage with online dating is that you do not see the person in real life but I would not call an instance of having a person faking a personality a disadvantage in online dating since anyone could also be manipulative and pretentious even in traditional face to face dating. It would only be harder to know the person deeply given the reason you do not physically see your partner.

Considering online dating could lead to traditional dating or a lifetime partner at most, there is an undeniable success in online dating. Success is not the issue, success is surprisingly innate to people who blend well together. The search for a partner could be achieved with the use of online dating but sometimes it might take time. The rate of success could become the problem with online dating on account of the number of people who are in it due to more people who are in disbelief of finding a true love in online dating and because of this, there are more members most likely contented with short and less meaningful affair. It becomes challenging to spot the ones determined to have a fruitful connection.

Nonetheless, many are being inspired and motivated by others who meet with their true love via online to give it a try. An increasing number of brave folks have been joining the online dating trend hoping to discover who their other half is. Especially now that it is welcomed in our society and even encouraged for some even though many old school perspectives think it is kind of a taboo and inappropriate. It is successful because it provides more opportunities and possibilities to date the special one. It is a great and efficient instrument but to be able to find the one, you will also have to move out of your comfort zone and make an effort to arrive at your expected destination of finding the one. Online dating sites or apps will not court the person for you. It will simply introduce you to the other person but you will have to do all the work. That is why the success of online dating will be mirrored to your actions and decisions. The success is not on the sites or apps but with the users. A great example of excellent users on an online dating site is Mature Tube Dates as it’s the #1 site for dating mature women and mature sex. You’ll find a lot of horny matures and mature pussy. Effective communication skills and courting skills will be the foundation of your success in online dating as well as traditional dating. In conclusion, if people can be successful in traditional dating because of their approach, they can perform as well in online dating.

Best Cities to Live in 2017 in the United States

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March 2, 2017

Are you planning to move to a new city? When deciding where to move, you have to weigh the positives and negative to make sure that living in the area you have chosen will be worth it. You can consider factors such as politics, climate or proximity to your extended family.

US News & World Report is one of the trustworthiness outlets that deal with the ranking of the country’s top metro areas. From the 100 most populous cities in the country this year, they will evaluate the cities based on different indexes such as job market, value, desirability, quality of life, and net migration making the list of the best cities to live in 2017.

Job market looks into the unemployment rate and average salary of the city. Value is a combination of the city’s cost of living and household income. Nightlife and dating are also part of the combination. If you’re single, this might be a big part of the desirability of the city for you (unless you use meet n fuck dating sites than this might not be a problem for you in any city!). Desirability is measured using a survey answered by different people across the country. They are asked to rank the cities they would like to live in. Quality of life measures the residents’ satisfaction in their daily lives. It accounts the city’s quality of education, health care availability, crime rates, average commute time and well-being index. Lastly, net migration measures the movement of people to and away from each city. It determines the number of new residents each city attracts.

Here are the top 10 best cities to live in 2017 in the US.

  1. Austin, Texas

US News & World Report ranked Austin as the top city among the best cities to live in 2017 in the US. An average of 50 new residents moves to the city daily because of its outdoor recreation, cultural institutions and music venues. Austin is referred to as the Live Music Capital of the World because of its various live music acts. It hosts several music festivals and draws musicians from all over the world.

  1. Denver, Colorado

Denver is filled with a diverse group of residents—from fitness and nature lovers to easy-going crowd. Located at the base of the Rocky Mountains, Denver is famous for its ski and snowboarding activities. You can also find several places for recreation such as the Cherry Creek State Park and Red Socks Park downtown.

  1. San Jose, California

San Jose is a diverse and spread out city consists of campuses and suburban neighborhoods. It has a business district consists of private sector employers that can help graduates find jobs easily. Located near Diablo Range and Santa Cruz Mountains, San Jose is also an ideal city for nature-loving people.

  1. Washington, District of Columbia

There’s more to Washington than government and politics. Choosing your neighborhood in this city is dependent to the experience you want to be involved in. Every neighborhood has its own atmosphere. This city is home to several entertainment areas, cultural sites and museums.

  1. Fayetteville, Arkansas

Fayetteville developed from a small town to a progressive city. It is home to companies such a Walmart and Tyson Foods and University of Arkansas System’s flagship campus. Residents are very friendly to newcomers and often greet them with a wave or smile. The city has several community-based organizations and events that can help residents get involved in the community.

  1. Seattle, Washington

Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t rain a lot in Seattle. Residents are drawn by the natural beauty of the city and its closeness to nature. Surrounded by mountains and water, the city gives a calm atmosphere that also extends to the residents’ daily lives.

  1. Raleigh & Durham, North Carolina

Raleigh & Durham is a tri-city region, known as the Triangle, founded by research and technology. The Triangle attracts nearly 80 potential new residents daily because of its strong job market. This city also has well recognized restaurants that offer beers from the city’s numerous microbreweries.

  1. Boston, Massachusetts

From art lovers to professionals and students to retirees, Boston is a city full of diversity. It is a historical metro that is frequently called the Cradle of Liberty. You can experience the buzz of the city while living the pages of history books in Boston. It is a place rich with culture and pride.

  1. Des Moines, Iowa

The residents of Des Moines are said to be one of the nicest people to meet. Equipped with locally owned bars and restaurants, unique shops, festivals and cultural events, Des Moines’ downtown area attracts a lot of people of all ages.

  1. Salt Lake City, Utah

Located near the Wasatch Mountain, Salt Lake offers one of the best backyard views in the country. There are several nearby recreational areas to go to. During winter season, residents can take advantage of its world class ski resorts. There are also five national parks open to everyone where performances by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir can be enjoyed.