The latest rolling computer with AI

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April 5, 2017

Now a day the technology is too fast. The latest technology in the computer field is E-Ball technology. The computer is nothing but an Electronic machine which is useful in our day-to-day life. That can perform all the complicated calculation like square root of something, applying formula’s, even though it will helps to build a house, factories which are useful also in other engineering field like Civil and mechanical. Adult chat dating sites are starting to use this technology to get you perfect matches with new partners. It will be useful in CAD in mechanical field which is useful for designing cars, trucks and electric trains, airplanes and other vehicles.

E-ball computer:

E-Ball is nothing but a small sphere shaped computer which was introduced by the scientist Apostal Tonashki. He has an idea to create a small size computer among the laptop, desktops and it was the main long term goal for him. Achieving his goal he tries again and again and after meeting the lots of failures he achieved his goal. Finally he designed an E-Ball computer which looks like a ball hence it is called as “BALL”. It works by the electronically so it is call as Electronic Ball alias as “E-BALL”.


It has similar features to a normal computer like Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor or Display, Projector. But the main different between the normal computer and the E-Ball computer components are present physically in normal computers. In E-Ball computer these components like Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor are present only at “Virtually”. Virtual means the object viewed as imaginary. This main different is the advantage of the E-Ball computer because there is no need to carry anything to where they want to go. It reduces the bourdon of people to carrying those things.

Technology used in e-ball:

The technology used in E-Ball is “Sensing” and “AI”. The reason for Sensing is used in E-BALL: The components of the E-Ball are only present at virtually so they are don’t know, how to give input to the system. There is no way to connect external devices to connect to it. For overcome this situation they uses a “SENSOR” which was used for get the input from the user and after getting that input the system process and produce output through the monitor. The purpose of sensor is used to sense the any action that is given to the system by the user. Virtually appearing devices only understand the sensing action otherwise they doesn’t understand any action and doesn’t produce any reaction.

AI is nothing but a technology which was used in the E-Ball technology. AI stands for artificial intelligence that means give an “Artificial Knowledge” to the system. Generally the Artificial Knowledge is used in “ROBOTICS” domain, without the artificial knowledge the robots are like a normal computer which is looks like a robots. Based on the artificial knowledge the E-BALL works perfectly.

Working of e-ball:

The E-Ball has a two stands to place the E-Ball on the surface and it also have a two buttons to open the E-Ball. If they want to open an E-Ball press the two buttons and holding on it then slide that into the each sides of the E-Ball. This is the procedure to open E-Ball and this opening method is very interesting, because the normal computers are open as a procedures like ON the button, ON the CPU this is a normal procedure. But the opening of the E-Ball is totally different due to this they remember one quotes like first impression is the best impression that will be suited for the E-Ball because of opening will impress the user. After opening of the E-BALL it display a Virtual keyboard, mouse, display which is nothing but wall if the wall is not exist in that place they use “paper” as a display or screen. The virtual display can be done by using the laser rays which will be useful to display the output. Then the user can work as like how they are work in normal computers that all actions are performed in the E-Ball computer.


The E-Ball has a high features like it has 2GB RAM, DUAL CORE PROCESSOR, 350-500GB HARD DISK, Graphics card, sound card, Modem they are similar to a normal computers. The memory size of the E-Ball is high so they are stored enormous data in that computer. So there is no need for external devices. It provides high security than other computer because it looks like a ball, once they close the computer no one can identify it is a whole computer which was hidden in the ball. The unknown person can’t open their personal informations which are stored in the E-Ball which shows the technology is developed highly. The E-Ball is the one of the technology to shows the worlds growth and the creativity of the scientist because no can imagine to create a computer look like a BALL. That is the creativity hiding back of the e-ball technology creativity has no end and no limit.